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Plasto is the Earth Steward for Polymers


Plastic and polymers often get a bad reputation, but they are valuable resources that we need to manage wisely. Once oil and gas are extracted from the ground, they cannot be returned. Given that these resources are finite and will eventually run out, it’s crucial to make the most of them. We also want to avoid producing plastic from new, virgin oil. Therefore, it is essential to keep plastic in circulation for as long as possible.

Plastic has the advantage of being lightweight, making it easier and more efficient to transport. Moreover, recycling plastic is straightforward and requires minimal energy and water, making it an environmentally friendly option. By focusing on recycling and reusing plastic, we can conserve resources and reduce our reliance on new materials.


Using Plastic Again Poster

This poster is great for developing discussion or for s design project. It is however important to remember that plastic is a finite resource unless we make it infinite

Plasto Character - large printable


Sheep Mentality -Plastic

Have fun playing Sheep/herd mentality

Plastic Biosphere Buzz Talk

Biosphere buzz talk discussion questions suitable for 11-16 year olds

Work sheet for thinking about Plastic in our world
All ages

Plastic Biosphere Buzz Talk
5-11 years

Image of Resource

Biosphere Buzz tak discussion questions suitable for 5-11 years


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