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Why Teach Sustainability and The Circular Economy in Schools

                                                                  Teaching the circular economy in schools is important for several reasons:

  1.     Environmental Sustainability: The circular economy aims to reduce waste and promote the efficient use of resources. By teaching students about the circular economy, we can help them understand the importance of sustainability and the impact of our actions on the environment.
  2.     Economic Growth: The circular economy can provide economic benefits by promoting innovation and new business models. By teaching students about the circular economy, we can help them understand the potential for economic growth through sustainable practices.
  3.     Future-Proofing: As the world continues to face environmental challenges, it is important to prepare students for the future. By teaching them about the circular economy, we can equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to create a more sustainable future.
  4.     Interdisciplinary Learning: The circular economy involves many different fields, including science, engineering, business, and policy. Teaching the circular economy can provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning, helping students connect different areas of knowledge.

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The Circular Economy
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The Earth Stewards

.Schools Globally are adopting our Earth Stewards as young people identify with the Avatars and make connections

Using our Earth Steward Characters For teaching and learning.

Our characters are designed as Earth Stewards for the protection and saving of our biosphere. They are kind and measured to empower learners to become Earth Stewards too. The Sustainables and The Renewable teams represent the Earth Resources that need protecting or need to become circular. By becoming CIRCULAR we move away from the TAKE – MAKE – DISPOSE  mentality and move to making our earth and energy resources clean and infinite.

We have produced lots of printable characters and posters representing each resource  so that they can be used for display in the classroom and around the school. he colours we have chosen for these have been gentle so that they may be used in a Reggio style environment too. Our Earth Stewards are positive and active but not warriors.

The characters are easily identifiable and relatable the Team  or individuals can be used .




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Learning and Teaching Matrices

We have a variety of curriculum matrixes for teaching both 

Sustainability and The Circular Economy . 

These are progressive and aligned with curricular around the world.

Class Resources

A variety of free resources that we are constantly updating. Activities to support and consolidate learning 

International Days

International Days are a great way to introduce a topic You will find these on our UN pages 


PSHE and HWB are identified on our Matrixes . Additionally we have Climate Mental Health Resources to support Anxiety

Big Questions

We have created a range of Big Questions For Depth of Knowledge and Phenomenon questions. These are designed to begin topic discussion and to help establish student led learning and discussion.

Professional development Posters linked to pedagogy

This link will take you to a range of posters linking educational theory to Sustainability and The Circular Economy.


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