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Discover a world of innovative and engaging events and workshops tailored for educators passionate about teaching sustainability and the circular economy across all age groups in schools. At The Sustainables Academy, we believe in empowering educators to instil a profound understanding of the importance of protecting our Earth’s resources, addressing climate change, and lowering carbon footprints.


Key Focus Areas

🌱 Empowering Educators:

We provide educators with the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to inspire the next generation of sustainability champions. Our events and workshops are designed to provide practical strategies and engaging activities that make learning a transformative experience.

🌍 Protecting Earth Resources: Explore

Workshops that delve into the significance of preserving and responsibly managing Earth's invaluable resources. From hands-on activities to curriculum integration strategies, we aim to empower educators to instil a deep sense of responsibility and appreciation for our planet.

🌿 Addressing Climate Change:

Join us in dynamic events focused on addressing the critical issue of climate change. Gain insights into effective teaching methods, climate science, and practical steps that educators can take to inspire climate action within their classrooms and communities.

👣 Lowering Carbon Footprint:

Uncover strategies to lower carbon footprints within the school environment and beyond. Our workshops provide practical tips, case studies, and interactive discussions on incorporating sustainable practices that make a tangible impact on reducing carbon emissions.

Upcoming Events & Competition








Design An Eco Park Competition

We are looking forward to launching our UK nationwide competition.

For the NEW ACADEMIC YEAR 2024/25

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📅 : Dive into a workshop exploring innovative ways to teach sustainability to elementary/primary school learners, featuring interactive lesson plans and creative activities.

🌱 Workshops: Participate in our circular economy workshop series, designed for educators of all levels. Learn how to integrate circular economy principles into your curriculum and empower learners to become agents of change.

🌐 Webinars: Join our expert-led webinar series on climate literacy in secondary education, offering in-depth discussions on current issues and best practices for teaching climate science.

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We are excited to embark on this educational journey with you. Together, let’s shape a future where sustainability is not just taught but lived.

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