The Circular Economy
13 Pathways
For Learning

Understanding The Circular Economy

Keeping our Resources infinite

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Keep our world clean and not wasting

Sustainable Consumption

When is enough enough ?

Product Lifecycle & Design

Creative minds the best way of using resources

Repair & Upcycling

Employing the 10Rs

Circular Business Practices

How Business and enterprise keep circular

Local Economies & Curriculum Engagement

Schools creating circular enterprise

Environmental Impact and Resource Conservation

Learning to be circular like nature

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Ideation and creative thinking

Citizenship & Global Responsibility

Becoming Earth Stewards -RRS and SDGs

Food Systems

Understanding our systems, energy and waste

Circular Technologies & Innovation

Bright minds create technologies to keep us circular

Outdoor Learning

Getting Outside & Getting Circular

Green Skills

Through This learning at all levels Green Skills are developed

Green Skills Life Long Learning and Employability

Green Thinking

Through this learning Green Thinking is ignited

Environmental thinking skills developed

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