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Free mental health resources for children and adolescents

In a world where the challenges of climate change loom large, the mental health of our younger generation is of paramount concern. As children and adolescents grapple with the complexities of climate change and its potential implications for their future, it’s crucial to provide them with the necessary support and resources to navigate these feelings effectively.


In the face of climate change and its profound impact on mental health, initiatives like our mental health awareness with a focus on Earth Stewards play a vital role in equipping children and adolescents with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to navigate these challenges with resilience and optimism. By fostering environmental consciousness, reducing climate anxiety, and promoting holistic well-being, the concept of Earth Stewards strives to nurture a generation of young people committed to safeguarding the planet and building a brighter tomorrow for all.

Earth Stewards: Fostering Environmental Consciousness

A pioneering initiative aimed at empowering children and adolescents aged 3 to 18 to become stewards of the Earth while also addressing their mental health needs. By merging education on climate change/ Sustainability and The Circular Economy  with mental health support, We endeavour to cultivate a generation of compassionate, informed, and resilient individuals equipped to tackle the environmental challenges of tomorrow.

Reducing Climate Anxiety: A Vital Goal

Central to becoming an Earth Steward  is the recognition of the profound impact of climate anxiety on children and adolescents. Climate anxiety, characterised by feelings of fear, helplessness, and overwhelm in response to the climate crisis, can significantly affect young minds and well-being. Through a holistic approach, promoting Earth Stewards aims to alleviate climate anxiety by fostering a greater understanding of our ability to make real change.

Key Components of Earth Stewards:


Climate Education

Engaging and age-appropriate educational materials and activities designed to increase understanding of climate change, environmental conservation, and sustainable practices.


Mental Health Resources

Access to a range of free mental health resources, including mindfulness exercises, and coping mechanisms and free and open talk.


Community Support

A supportive community where children share experiences, and find solidarity in facing the challenges of climate change and mental health together.


Empowerment Through Action

Opportunities  for teachers to plan for hands-on involvement in environmental conservation efforts, advocacy campaigns, and community projects, empowering young individuals to make a tangible difference in protecting the planet and shaping a sustainable future.


KS1 - Infant Level 1

These resources explore sustainability in a variety of national curricular, focusing on its natural resources, environmental policies, and local initiatives. It aims to deepen understanding of global sustainable practices and encourage participation in ecological conservation. Developing Climate Mental Health through the development of Earth Stewardship. 


KS2 - Junior Level 2

These resources delve into a learning approach to a climate mental health wellbeing. Including examining strategies for minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency. It highlights local success stories and policies driving circular practices, aiming to inspire participants to contribute actively to a global sustainable economic transformation, to become Earth Stewards.


KS3 - Middle School

This curriculum models learners professional skills, providing learning in wellbeing with a focus on sustainability and leadership. It aims to cultivate wellbeing and self reflection on our climate and the future we all create. It allows critical thinking about how we can be pro active Earth Stewards. 

Comprehension Activity


   Critical Thinking


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      Climate Mental 

      Health Think Pad 

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Definition Match Climate Mental Health 

Earth Steward 1 Maze 

     A selection of 

      Maze Puzzles 

       Problem Solving as an Earth Steward  

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      Self Reflection & Discussion Support 

           Climate Mental Health Buzz Talk 



   Self Reflection feels about Climate Change 

  Climate Mental Health thoughts & Feelings

Climate Feelings

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Resources to help support teaching Climate Mental Health Literacy

Early Years Teacher Notes

Early Years Climate  Anxiety Notes Teachers Notes  

Primary/Elementary Teacher Notes

Primary /Elementary Teacher Notes  Climate Anxiety 

Emotional Literacy Theory

Theory into practice Climate Anxiety-

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